The Inhuman World - Chapter 1 (PART 2)

Title: The Inhuman World - Chapter 1 The Windblower (part2)
Author: kyuhaexd
Characters: Various. Main: Kyuhyun, Side: Most kpop idols, OC, 
Pairings: Various, Kyuhyun/Everyone Rating: Various. PG-13 
Warnings: Characters death
Summary: The word out of the human world. Windblowers,bluewavers,flamethrowers,groundshakers,greenrooters,icefreezers,animaltongues,cloudformers,thunderclappers,lightningconstructors,skyscreamers,transpotters,hollers,lightballers,darkballers,souleaters,soulbeaters,blackringers,sluggers,disposers, etc.
Note: Starting this chapter, Kibum, Donghae & Eunhyuk are involved.

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Jessica has her eyes closed, most likely to be sleeping or just unconscious while the other,Joonkie, is practically snoring the hell out which is very loud. “ My my dear children, you two must’ve not been getting any nap.” There is a voice of a man, it is heavy and hoarse but gentle at a time. It is like a father’s voice.  The two toddlers are lying down on something soft,white and puffy and everything is just so bright. It could make anyone smile in delight just by the brightness. Joonkie wakes up screaming “ WE’VE BEEN IDENTIFIED! “ while he sits up, looking around in shock and breathes out “ Oh it is just nightmare. “  He tries to breath properly again and he looks down on his side to see the other which is is still lying down, looking unconscious.

    He wakes the other by tapping her shoulder gently but his hand is being slapped away in return. He is not satisfy with that, so he starts a little bit of fire at his finger tips and he makes light touches on the other’s skin. She immediately wakes up screaming in pain heat and gives a slap in the other’s face. “ Oww! I was trying to wake you up! “ Joonkie shouts back while caressing his slapped-face. “ I was already awake you idiotic red head! I was trying to relax! God! “ Jessica retorts back in anger. “ Calm down my dear children. “ There goes the voice again, it sounds more gentle. Joonkie’s jaw drops  and he isn’t blinking an eye when he sees a huge and tall man standing still in front of them.  “ Lord Shisus?  You’ve grown so tall. “ Joonkie says while eyeing the tall man from the bottom til the top. He is amused by the size. So the huge man is Lord Shisus. Jessica elbows the other with a look  and both of them quickly getting on their knees, bowing 90 degrees towards the lord. The huge man chuckles “ Oh no no no, get up my young ones. There’s no need to greet me in proper. You all are still young and lovely. “ The two toddlers are now on their feet , looking up to the taller one. “ My lord, where are we? This doesn’t look like the front gate, I mean, it does abit but it is so empty, where’s the palace? Or maybe this is the Cloudformer’s ground? “ The red hair asks as he takes a look around. Everything is bright and it looks like they are standing on a group of clouds which is kind of cool, isn’t it? Jessica looks up and she doesn’t see the sky but group of clouds.

     “ This place my boy, this is not the Cloudformer’s ground nor the front gate, this is my own floor. “ The lord replies gently with a smile and he continues “ Well, let us not waste more time, Joonkie, have you did as what I request? “. The red nods rapidly and slips his hand into his dirtied pocket, he takes out the green bracelet that resulted from the fusion of his and Jessica’s lightsticks. He hands in the bracelet to the taller man. The height of the two toddlers do not even reach the lord’s knee. Lord Shisus is really tall. The tall man turns around and the other two wonder what is he doing, they try to peek but Lord Shisus is too tall. He turns back to the other two and they stay in their fix position in rush. The tall man has something or someone in his hand, covered with white clothed, small, even smaller than the other two toddlers. It must be a baby .
    “ My lord, is that the Kyuhyunnie you were talking about back then? He is the purpose to your request, isn’t he? “ Joonkie asks kindly, wondering if he is correct. The lord nods with a smile and he kneels down so the two small ones can take a look. They both step closer to the lord in desperate just to look at Kyuhyun. They see Kyuhyun, sleeping so soundly, he is about their age but younger perhaps. So it is not a baby. His name is Kyuhyun, Cho Kyuhyun, he has a pale skin, blushy cheeks, messy brunette locks but not as messy as Joonkie’s red locks. “ Is he going to be like us too? A  vendrigo? “ The blonde hair asks while keeping her eyes on Kyuhyun, who is sleeping.. A Vendrigo means Inhuman like Jessica herself, an Icefreezer. “ Yes indeed but the fact that Kyuhyun is already one. “ The lord says in a low voice, trying not to wake the sleeping brunette. The blonde and the red hair just gape . “ He is? What is he then? “ Jessica asks curiously while Joonkie adds “ Oh oh oh! He’s a thunderclapper but no, that is too powerful. He must be weaker than me. “ The red hair really likes to underestimate people’s ability of something. “ Get a hold to yourself, maybe he could beat you in a one blow. “ Jessica retorts back with an annoyed look and Joonkie mocks her.

    The lord just smiles at the sudden of the adorableness of the two quarreling. “ There you go, Jessica. You’ve said the right word. Blow. Kyuhyun is and will be a Windblower. He will be well-known to the other Vendrigos because no one has ever become a Windblower since I took over Vendrigo Instituition but something will await him and he will be ready for it.“ The tall man says with full confidence and he has his faith in Kyuhyun. “ Well, flamethrower is better than windblower. I’m so going to beat him. “ The red hair scoffs while eyeing the blonde Icefreezer. “ Wow, he’s going to make a history for being a Windblower. “ Jessica says in amazed. The lord chuckles “ My boy my boy, no one is better than anyone, it is all up to you, not your abilities. “ Joonkie sighs while Jessica shows her tongue to him. At the momment, Lord Shisus takes the green bracelet and place it near Kyuhyun’s tiny wrist, the bracelet shines green a momment and it magically circles around Kyuhyun’s pale wrist. The greenlight which is shining bright forms back into the green bracelet as how it is suppose to be.

    The two toddlers are amazed by the situation until Joonkie pops up a question “ My lord, how does the bracelet protects Kyuhyunnie? I mean, it looks like a normal bracelet except it is shining so brightly which is pretty. “ The lord smiles and breathes out “ It is difficult to give an explanation on that but just because this bracelet is attatched to him, does not mean he will feel secured by the protection. It is his courage that will help him. “ The lord traces his thumb on Kyuhyun’s small cheek, drawing a pattern on the fair skin. The two toddlers just listen and admire their lord’s words, every single of it. “ Well then, off you two go but before that, I want to reward you both some candies and make sure don’t share it with anyone else or else you will regret. “ The lord says while he stands up with Kyuhyun still in his hands and swings his right hand from left to right. A rainbow appears right after his hand and bunch of candies including chocolates start to form from the glitters of the rainbow. The two toddlers couldn’t get more excited in fact, they are jumping especially Joonkie, who has his eyes shining orange light. He must be a sucker for sugary treats.
    A man & a woman appear in the sudden of the darkness. Everything is just so blurry and dark, the man is saying something  but it couldn’t be heard while the woman beside him is shedding tears, so much of tears flowing down her cheeks. The man is having a baby in his hands, caressing the child’s head and the child is sleeping soundly. The man & the woman are probally the parents to the infant. Soon, a dark black mist, the mist is so thick, smoky and it is destroying every single thing that it crawls through and over. The woman backs off from the man with the infant in his hands, the dark mist is approachig nearer towards them which is on it’s way from behind. The man is mouthing  “No!” over & over as he tries to take a hold of the woman so he could save her from being touched by the mist but soon he finds himself being swap from that particular place when the woman shoots yellow light beam that strikes straight  from her palm. The man & the child are being teleported to elsewhere by her power. The dark mist finally gets to touch her, black smoke crawling over her skin and her bodyparts are being wrapped by the tentacles of the mist. She screams. Kyuhyun wakes up by the scream of his nightmare which is very complicated, he tries to catch his breath as he sweats like a mini waterfall. As soon as he is breathig normally again, he puts a hand on his chest trying to calm himself down.  He wipes off his sweat that is flowing down his cheeks and temples. He slumps back down so he could go back to sleep.
      There is something special about him sleeping, he is not sleeping in bed, not even on a plain mattress or even on the floor, he is sleeping in the air, in the state of levitation. Furthermore, pillows and blankets are not included with him. He closes his eyes as he tries to go back to visit his dreamland, not wanting to face the nightmare again but he opens his eyes again, even wider when he feels the gravitional force is pulling him down. He falls onto the ground on his buttocks as he whimpers in a sleepy state. “ Good morning ~ It’s time to get up and Happy 14th Birthday, sleepy head. “ A black haired boy greets him and stands  beside and looking down at him with a bitten apple in his left hand. Kyuhyun is still on his butt on the ground and he rubs his eye with the back of his hands. He is such a child. He looks up to the person who just greeted him and whines “ Kibum, do you have to do this everyday? One day, I’m going to have my buttbones broken because of you. “ So the boy’s name is Kibum, he looks as young as Kyuhyun but few months older than him. He squats down and taps Kyuhyun’s head as he retorts back “ If I don’t do this, you’ll be sleeping the whole day, Kyu. And please, I would treat you more gentle if you add ‘hyung’. I am older than you, Kyu, remember that. Now, go prepare yourself. “ He gives Kyuhyun a warm smile as he stands up and walks away. Kyuhyun mouths back in mockery.

  Meanwhile, in the human world…
     “ Donghae, wait up! “ A blonde hair boy shouts while storming through the front door with his shoes untied. “ Hyuk, you’re the only reason why we are always late to school. “ Donghae, the brownish-black hair, sighs as he finds his way to school. The blonde hair, Eunhyuk, pouts as he tries to catch up with the other . Soon, they are walking together to school while Eunhyuk breaks the morning silence “ The sky is so dark today, isnt it Hae? “ He looks up to the sky where the thick grey clouds start to group over and cover the navy blue sky. “ I think it’s going to rain soon but it seems weird, there’s no wind. Not even a bit. “ Donghae says  as he motions the other to run before they get wet.

    Kibum and Kyuhyun are on their way out from the palace and to the front gate, Kyuhyun sees somekind of peope in  armors, their whole body are covered with silver materials and they have sharp weapons in their strong grip. They are all in lines and well mannered, most likely they are securing the front gate but he sees some in front the palace’s great door. “ Hyung, this is the first time I see these… things, what are they for? They look unfriendly and inhuman.. “ Kyuhyun asks as he keeps his gaze on the silvered-people. “ Those Kyuhyun, are called Silverays, Guardians of the Great Light Palace, which is our palace here. They are protecting the palace of course and don’t worry, they are harmless to Vendrigos like us unless they find out you are up to something bad. Then, yeah. “ Kibum answers as the front gate disappears out of their sight and that is how people enter and exit the palace.

     “ Why are we going to the Cloudformer’s ground again? “ The brunette asks when they are distanced away from the palace and now they are walking on thick white puffy clouds which is the ground.  “ Kyu, why do you ask so many questions? This isn’t like your first time, you’re going to the Portal Room! “  Kibum retorts back, he is annoyed by the other. They reach to somewhere which is no where because all they can see is thick white puffy clouds that has no end but they see a door in front of them. The door is more like a portal, is that why it is called the Portal Room? The portal is blue and looks like it’s twirling. They go through the blue portal and soon they find themselve in a semi-circle room that has four bright colour circles on the floor.

    “ Now Kyuhyun, step on the green circle. “ Kibum says as he points towards the circle. Kyuhyun does as what he says but in the end he just stands there doing nothing, blank in mind. “ Kyu, I’m sure you know what to do…? “ Kibum asks as he watches the other standing on the circle, looking at him blankly. Kibum pinches the bridge of his nose as he sigs “ Kyuhyun, you’re a Windblower. You, have to do what a Windblower has to do. Now do the normal blow how you usually do all the time. “ Kibum waits for the brunette to take action. The brunette starts inhaling for a momment and he exhales with a strong blow, his exhale air forms into a wind that starts to circle around him and his hair is standing by the pressure. Kibum blocks his eyes with his hands, not wanting the dust particles to ruin his eye-sight.

   The green circle which Kyuhyun is standing on, starts to light up and the wind surrounding him is being absorbed into it. His brunette locks falls back down as the pressure decreases and he smiles in triumph to the other. Kibum is really amused by the action and he compliments “ Wow, not bad Kyu, you’ve improved for today. And I hope you know that you have to at least come here and perform as what you did, four times a day. Four times, not less and not too much either. What you’ve done there, applies to the whole world, the wind that is currently blowing in the human world is all the source from here and you are responsible for it because you are the Windblower and I’ve been telling this to you since you were 7, Kyuhyun and I hope you won’t give me that blank look again.“ Kibum gives a small explanation but in the end he scoffs at the other. Kyuhyun pouts.

    As soon as they are heading back to the to exit the room, they stop when they hear someone greets them “ Oh hey Kibum. And you must be Kyuhyun, the only Windblower student in the palace. “. They both glance over to see who is the person, Kibum smiles while Kyuhyun is feeling curious.
 “ Donghae, what are you planning to do today? I have no homework given since our teacher is absent today.” Eunhyuk asks, on his way back home from school with Donghae. He shrugs in return and he stops as he looks up to the sky, he feels the wind slapping againts his skin. The clouds are getting greyish and thick. Oh there’s wind today and it’s a strong one. Donghae thinks as he continues walking home with Eunhyuk by his side. Before they could even take a step forward, they stay in their fix position and turn around when they hear explotions. The sound of explotions slams their eardrums, it is really loud, not far behind them and it does not sound like a firecracker. They are curious by the situation going on and believe it or not, a car flies over their head from behind. They see shadow  over themselve and look up, they couldn’t blink an eye. A car going over people’s head, that is something very unusual in daily life. The car lands somewhere a distance away from their spot and it explodes, they both fall on the ground with a ‘thumph’ because of the mommentum. Eunhyuk has his tight grip on the other’s hand and Donghae could feel that Eunhyuk is trembling, he breathes “ Eunhyuk, let’s ru— “...

A/N: Finally, Kyuhyun, Kibum, Eunhyuk & Donghae are in this part (: Heeheee
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The Inhuman World - Chapter 1

Title: The Inhuman World - Chapter 1 The Windblower (part1)
Author: kyuhaexd

Characters: Various. Main: Kyuhyun, Side: Most kpop idols, OC
Pairings: Various, Kyuhyun/Everyone
Rating: Various. PG-13
Warnings: Characters death
Summary: The word out of the human world. Windblowers,bluewavers,flamethrowers,groundshakers,greenrooters,icefreezers,animaltongues,cloudformers,thunderclappers,lightningconstructors,skyscreamers,transpotters,hollers,lightballers,darkballers,souleaters,soulbeaters,blackringers,sluggers,disposers, etc.
Note: I didn't plagiarized any of others's work, this is my own property. I just watched too many fantasies and this came into my mind when I was walking in the snow and I decided to write it down on a piece of paper cause I need to plot something. And here it starts.
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   Snows falling like flower petals durings this cold winter,  the cold air wraps the  body of the people who are walking down the street under  the  yellow light beam  of the lamp street.  An awkward girl walks crossing the road in a rush, having a thick hoodie on, blonde hair with orange highlights, looks natural, she looks like a toddler,named Jessica, Jessica Jung. Ergh! Why do I have to do this job?! I’m suppose to be off duty and get a rest!  She questions herself in her head with a curse. She is a toddler, looks like one and has a duty to settle with? What kind of duty? She puts her hood on and slips her hand into the big pockets of her hoodie to keep herself warm. Really, she can’t feel the coolness of the winter even if the temperature is subzero, she is an Icefreezer. What the hell is an Icefreezer? No need to have an explanation on that, lets continue with the story.

     The blonde hair walks towards an old building, very old. Looks abandon. She has a something to deal with and looks like the building is the spot, she walks into the old buidling through the broken door which has a sign ‘STOP’ but her eyes are not even on the sign so she walks in recklessly. People rarely take a walk near by the old building, some says they hear a voice of a boy which sounds cute but obviously it is freaky to hear a boy’s voice that comes from an old, abandon building. “ Eeww, how can he live here with this kind of smell?! I’ll rather eat a dog poop than having this kind of surrounding smell… No wait, dog poop is nastier. God Jessica, stop talking to yourself. “ She irks while shutting herself up. Now, who is this he?  Jessica continues to wander around in the old building and she sees a rat passing by, immediately she jumps and freeze off the rat. Freeze off? What? Her  right-hand is sticking out, pointing to the rat which has been frozen off, her palm is wide open and looks like there is a bit of ice frost all over her cute palm. So this explains what is an Icefreezer.

    Jessica exhales strongly , trying to cure from the shock of her life because of a freaking rat. Out of sudden, she feels a hand on her left shoulder which is going to start the shock of her life again. It must be a stranger who followed me when he saw me entering this building! Jessica you should have checked your surrounding! Jessica thinks. She storms forward like a ninja! And turns around quickly, holding her hands up towards the stranger’s face so she can do her  freezing deeds like how she froze off the rat. The stranger has a smile on his face, it is a guy, no it is more like a small kid, looks like a toddler too.        “ Calm down Jessie, you’re going to turn everyone ino ice cubes if you act like this and you know what will happen if humans find out about us. “ The boy says softly while lowering the other’s hand so he would not be petrified by  Jessica’s freezing ability, well actually Jessica can do more than just manipulating ice frost. The blonde toddler has the ‘Oh thank god it’s just you’ expression on her face.

     They find a clean spot to settle down, clean one of course, since the blonde toddler likes to overreact on things which makes her go all spacing off. “ Joonkie, do you really live here? “ The blonde hair asks as she tries to sit on the floor without making herself touching all the dust and the puddle of water which is dripping from the cracked ceiling. So the boy has a name, obviously, which is Joonkie.  He has a tanned skin, just abit tanned, red locks, very messy, has a bright smile but looks furious in the eyes. He tries to catch up with what Jessica just asked him because he isn’t really giving any attention when he is busy scratching his head, burrying his fingers into his red locks and starts making friction with the scalp. “ DO YOU LIVE HERE? “ Jessica repeats herself, stating it more obvious so the other woud answer to her question.  Joonkie, who is still busy scratching his itchy head,  is it that itchy? Finally he turns his head, facing the other and stutters “ U-uh what? Oh yeah, yes, I live here, of course. “ He finally stops scratching, Jessica just nods back as a ‘Oh I see’ .

    They both are sitting in the dark, there’s no light, not a single until the red hair suddenly snaps his fingers  and a small flame of fire forms on his thumb.“ This would heat us up and make the darkness disappear from our sight. “ He says in triumph while holding his hand higher so he could shine off the dark pace. Jessica who is currently fixing her long blonde, stands up having her hands on her waist and retorts “ That amount of fire? Are you serious? Really, I could just put it off using my thumb. Even an ant would still be alive passing through your SUPER COOL FLAME. Which is NOT.“ She has the annoyed look on her face and she rolls her eyes meanwhile the other responds with anger and his red locks starts become brighter and turns into a flame of fire, his skin shines orange and the place is totally not dark anymore, more likely it is heating up. 

   He will burn up the whole building. Jessica is not really scared nor amuse by the other’s reaction with all the flames, she stops him by putting her frosty palms on Joonkie’s cheeks  and he immediately cools down. All the flames are put off and their spot becomes dark again, no light, not even heat.

   “ E-err i-its t-too c-c-cold. “ The red hair stutters by the coolness of Jessica’s palms on his cheeks. She pulls her hands away and slaps both of her palms together to clean them off. She does not even like touching others, she thinks it is disgusting. “ You really need to control yourself, control your anger especially.  You warned me to keep our identities to ourselves but you’re the one that is going on too much actions! You could have killed. “ Jessica says with a serious look and having her gaze on the boy. The other looks down , feeling abit guilty, no he should feel guilty. Did Jessica say keep their identities to themselves? What does she mean by that?

    Jessica leans back on to the wall and she feels like she touches something with her back and a small light comes in at the centre of the ceiling. “It’s a light ball! Lord Shisus must have sent it! “ Joonkie says in a terrible shock. Jessica turns around to check on what did she just touch with her back and it is a switch. Oh a light switch she says to herself. She can finally see the other in a full view which is terrible because Joonkie looks messy and fussy while she looks clean and nice. Jessica knocks the other’s head and he frowns. “ That, is a light bulb you red head. “ She points her finger towards the ‘light ball’ according to what Joonkie has said. The red hair replies “ Oh. I knew that. Now let us not waste time and settle everything before returning to the palace. “  Really, they do not look like they have any business to settle with, they should be playing with toys and take a nap. Moreover, they have this special abilties which normal people don’t. “ Look who’s talking. Oh whatever. Alright then, here. “ Jessica retorts back in annoyance while handing the other a glowing lightstick. Why does Joonkie need a  lightstick? The lightstick is shining blue and it looks pretty amazing. Joonkie takes the lightstick from the blonde hair’s hand and he takes out another lightstick from his own pocket which is shines red.

    The blonde hair watches him carefully as he puts the blue lightstick which is hers and his own red lighstick together, making a ‘X’ sign when  he starts saying “ Devendo indergo simalteous. “ That is one funny language. Seriously, what language is he using? Both of the lightsticks shine even more, more brightful than usual. Jessica just watch with an amused look. The lightsticks stop giving off bright colourful lights and form a shining green bracelet. “ Ahhh it is complete. This will protect Kyuhyunnie. “ Joonkie says calmly while showing it to the other. Wait, who is Kyuhyun? And who is this Lord Shisus that Joonkie mentioned a while ago?  She glares and says “ You know, I could have done it, you took such a long time. Now lets get back to the palace before everything gets too curious and dangerous. “ 

   Before they could even make a move, both of them hear a voice of a man and most likely the voice is already in the building. They are panicking so much because there is only one way out which is the door and the voice is coming from the other side of the door. They could just get out by bursting through the walls but that will cause more issues. Joonkie keeps the bracelet in his pocket rushingly while Jessica flicks the light switch and everything goes dark again. She tries to think of something. “ Jessie, maybe you can try to freeze him off or something. “  Joonkie whispers, wanting to know if the other would agree to his idea. Jessica rubs her temple and sighs “ I could but—“ her words are being cut when they both notice a light from the closest window.

    Both of them have a frown on their faces and they just stare at the light until Joonkie shouts “ Oh wait! That is the light ball! It is for us to go back!  Lord Shisus must have been waiting for us! “. Jessica on the other hand, knocks the other’s head angrily. “ You could just have whispered it out! Now the man knows there are intruders! We are so busted! Because of you! “. She shouts not on purpose and quickly covers her mouth with her hand. Soon they see the light from the window, shines even more brighter, brighter than the sun but it’s a great thing that their eyes are not hurt by the light.
   The man from the outside, kicks the door and the door slams wide open. He sees nobody but water dripping from the ceiling.  “ Oh. This is such a waste of time. “ The man breathes out. Where the hell did the two toddlers disappear to?

part 2


Suju Drabbles!

Title: Suju Drabbles ( 3 Drabbles! )
Author: KyuhaeXD
Ratings: PG-13
Pairings: Most of Suju couples ( Eunhae, Kyuhae, Sihae)
Genre: One-shot, 3 story fictions
Type: One story-fiction for each pairing! :D
Summary: --------------------

Title: Stawberry-Smooches
Pairs: Eunhae / Haehyuk

       In the middle of the night, moon-rays shone brightly into the kitchen. As Donghae grabbed the metal-spoon, he stirred the pink-liquidish in an orange mug that was on the table. The way he stirred was perfect, when he was done with it, he walked-back to the sink behind him to wash his hand. He went back to the table to take his drink, but he found out it was gone, nothing was on the table. 

      His vision went across the table to other side, he saw Eunhyuk holding his drink. It was a stawberry-creamy-juice plus stawberry is Eunhyuk's flavour. Donghae just stared at him, the other just held the mug looking straight into Donghae's eyes. " You know that is mine, right? " Donghae said pointing to the orange mug the other was holding. Eunhyuk held the mug and raised his eyebrows.

     He puts the mug at his lips, sipping abit of the stawberry-drink that belongs to Donghae. He pulled-off the mug from his mouth, there was pinky-creamy all over his upper-lips. Eunhyuk stucked his tongue out, licking-off the creams around his upper-lips, he was actually teasing Donghae but Donghae didn't even know what he was trying to do.

" Hyukkie, I don't know what you trying to do but give my drink back. Please. " Donghae pleasing the other to give back the stawberry-drink to him.

Eunhyuk showed his tongue to Donghae and held the mug, drinking everything that was in the mug. He let the sound " Aaahhh~ " out from his throat after he finished the whole thing. Putting the orange-mug on the table, he quickly ran-out from the kitchen. " Yah!!! That's mine! You better make me a new one! " Shouted Donghae, chasing after the other.

 Eunhyuk was running and giggling at the same time, end up running into the wall. He couldn't run to anywhere else since Donghae was already approaching towards him. Donghae pushed him to the wall, pressing both of Eunhyuk's arms on-to the wall. Eunhyuk smirked, Donghae whispered " You owe me that drink. So after we're done, make me a stawberry-drink the exact one! " He intend to shout abit. " Huh? After what? " Eunhyuk asked in confused. " After this. " Donghae said his last words and pressed his lips againts the other's. More than that, he moved his lips, letting his tongue entered through Eunhyuk's teeth. Licking his roof. It made Eunhyuk shuddered.

  Free-ing the other's arms from the wall, Eunhyuk wrapped his arm around the other's neck. Donghae pulled-off from the kiss and there was a " smooch " sound. " Your lips taste like stawberry, but it sucks when it mixed with the dirtyness in your mouth. " Donghae teased him badly. He continued to kiss and Eunhyuk mumbled " Whatever, I'm still ho-- ". His words were immediately cut-off when Donghae slipped his tounge into the other's mouth, licking the other's tongue, it tasted like candy to Donghae. He squeezed Eunhyuk's ass untill HELL YEAH! In few momments, they were done kissing and stuff.

" Wait, that's it? " Eunhyuk asked with pleading eyes.

" What you mean that's it? " Donghae replied. Both them were still in hugged, leaning themselves on the wall.

" I mean like... I feel like doing it with you. " Eunhyuk's voice turned soft and passionate.

" What? No, no way. "

" You whore! " Eunhyuk shouted and he pressed his lips back to Donghae's. Then he broke the kissed again.

" Ohmygod, do you expect us to do it at this time? It's 4 a.m! We should sleep " Shouted Donghae before letting go of the other.

" Pffft. "

" And you still owe me a stawberry-drink. Make me one tomorrow or else I'll fuck you to death. "

" Oh yeah, that's what I like~ "

" Yeah yeah, dream on. " Donghae replied and grabbed him to his room.


Title: Lovebites before breakfast.
Pairs: Kyuhae / Haekyu

   Sunshine in the morning, all Suju members have already woken-up. Siwon, Kangin and Ryeowook have left since dawned. Heechul, Sungmin, Eunhyuk and the other fives were in front of Donghae and Kyuhyun's door-room, pressing their ears to the door, trying to spy what were Donghae and Kyuhyun doing.

In Donghae and Kyuhyun's room) , Heechul and the rest kept hearing

" Uhh hyung~" Kyuhyun groaned. All of them outside of the room were trying to get a bettter hearing when they heard Kyuhyun's groan.

" It's okay Kyu, I won't do anything harsh on you~ You know I won't dare to do such things on you right? " They heard Donghae's voice in the room, all of them pressed againts the door, the door was nearly about to break-down. Kyuhyun knew the other members were at the other side of his and Donghae's door-room, he wanted to ask Donghae to stop but Donghae kept making his mouth shut.

" This is fuck-up, I feel lifeless. Nevermind, just wait them at the kitchen. " Heechul whispered to others and they walked away from the door, going to the kitchen. But then Eunhyuk was the only one left in front of Donghae and Kyuhyun's room, still wanting to hear those unpleasant noise from the other two. Sungmin shouted with a low voice " Yah Hyukkie! Come here! " Waving his hand forcing Eunhyuk to come to the kitchen.

     As the other members were at the table having their breakfast, Donghae and Kyuhyun entered into the kitchen. Everyone immediately acted natural, Kyuhyun was wearing long-sleeves shirt and he had a scarf on?  " Good mawning~ " Kyuhyun greeted with a broken english. Donghae was already in his seat, Kyuhyun didn't notice that, so he went to sit beside Donghae. " So Kyuhyun, it is cold in the morning right? Very very cold until you need a scarf on. But I thought you're already use to this kind of coldness, why do you need a scarf on? " Heechul asked with a smile on but deep in his heart it was he was holding a sharp-thing trying to poke Kyuhyun to death, then he turned to face Donghae and continued " And Donghae, did you enjoy your time this morning? ". The others were eating naturally, putting a spoon full of cereals into their mouth.

   Donghae just stared at Heechul with alot of questions popped-up in his mind. Suddenly, Heechul stood-up went beside Kyuhyun and pulled-off the scarf from Kyuhyun's neck. Kyuhyun wanted to take it back but he just couldn't. There were alots of redspots all over Kyuhyun's white neck, it was deeply red. Everyone has stop eating and looked at Kyuhyun. " What's the big idea? " Donghae asked with frowned.

   Heechul said " That's not it. " He pulled Kyuhyun's fabric-shirt on the shoulder part, showing all the lovebites around Kyuhyun's collar-bone then to both sides of his shoulders. Heechul continued by pulling Kyuhyun's long-sleeves up, it has becoming an issue in that particular morning. There were more lovebites starting from Kyuhyun's wrist until up to the end of his small biceps. Most of the Suju members stood-up in suprised and Sungmin asked " Donghae, I know this was all your doing, right? Like come on, who else could it be. And is Kyuhyun really that sweet and tasty? " Sungmin took the advantage, he went beside Kyuhyun trying to bite his neck but Donghae immediately slapped his face-off from Kyuhyun's neck.

   " What's wrong with you all? Kyuhyun's mine, so yeah it's my doing and is there anything wrong with it? " Donghae said while raising his eyebrows. Leetuek intrupted " No no no no, there's more! " He pulled Kyuhyun's shirt up, touching Kyuhyun's abdomen part that were full with lovebites and even more lovebites left by Donghae. Everyone's jaws were hanging down, " Donghae-yah, no wonder people call you Fishy, you're a freaking animal! " Yesung cursed him with a frustrating face. Donghae didn't get why were all of them so busy-body, trying to interfere his doings on Kyuhyun. Is it because they are jealous?

   " Kyuhyun, is this your first time? " Heechul asked curiously, Kyuhyun's face turned reddish-pink out of sudden and he nodded slowly. Eunhyuk shouted " No wonder you act like a girl who just lost her virginity! "
Leetuek held Kyuhyun's shoulders and said " Kyuhyun ah~ Tonight sleep with me okay? I'm sure you'll enjoy rather than sleeping with Donghae. " Before Kyuhyun could say anything, Heechul kicked the leader away from Kyuhyun " No I'm borrowing Kyuhyun for tonight, so nobody touches him or else. " Heechul grabbed Kyuhyun's hand to go somewhere but Hangeng went in front of him and said " Heechul-yah~ What about us? I thought you said-- " Hangeng's words were zipped-off, when Heechul put his finger at his lips, saying " Nah~ I love Kyuhyun more. " Hangeng's heart immediately broke-apart, he went under the table hugging his knees. " Kyuhyun's mine! Don't you dare touch him! " Sungmin appeared out of nowhere trying to take Kyuhyun away from Heechul. Then both of them started to strangle each other, rolling on the floor.
So it was true, that sunshine morning has became a chaos, heart-broken person under the table, two people strangling each other, Yesung and Eunhyuk already went somewhere, the leader was still on the floor in pain.

" Kyu, kenchana~yo? " Donghae grabbed him by the wrist. Pulling him into a carring-loving hug.

" Nae, I'm okay. What is happening here? It's becoming a mess. Hyung, can we go and have peaceful breakfast somewhere else? "

" Sure, anything for my Kyuhyun. " Donghae replied gently, he placed his beautiful lips on Kyuhyun's cheek. As soon as they were about to leave the chaos-horrible-looking-kitchen, Eunhyuk was starring at them with full of jealousy, tears wanted to flow down, he was supposed to be with Yesung but then he was in the kitchen again. Until innocent little Kyuhyun offered " Eunhyuk-hyung, wanna follow us? " Kyuhyun held his hand, then Eunhyuk was extremely cheered-up from the sadness. He held Kyuhyun's hand and walked outside.

And so Kyuhyun was having two-guys with him, holding hands together. Donghae was smiling happily for having such a kind Kyuhyun as his boyfriend, who is not heartless and never forgets about others.

A/N: So officially~ This is KyuHyukHae? I think? No, it's what the readers think! :D


Title: Seahorse and Fishy
Pairs: Sihae / Haewon

      Today was their day off, they were all mucking around in the dorm, some of them were having their lunch in the kitchen. Donghae and Siwon just got back from the pet-store, when Donghae entered the kitchen he shouted " WE ARE HOME! WE BOUGHT FISHY AND SEA-HORSE! It's awesome! " All of them who were having their lunch, nearly choked to death. " Okay, Donghae it's awesome. Now go have fun your room before you kill someone. " Heechul said in pissed since because of shocked, all his rice-cakes were vomit back from his stomach. And because of that he losed his appetite including others. Eunhyuk asked " Donghae, can I join too? " He smiled like a freak. " No. " A qucik reply from Siwon and he grabbed Donghae to their room.

   Donghae poured a few litres of water into a tank, then he let his fishy and seahorse swam in the tank. He can't stop looking at the both sea-creatures, to him it's like he and Siwon swimming in the blue sea.

" Wonnie, they get along together, they look so sweet. Just like us. "

" Of course Hae, wanna swim with me in the tub later? "

" Ohmygod! Really?! I love to!!! I love you Wonnie! " Donghae clung around Siwon's neck. Siwon chuckled lovely.

" Okay, let's go get our lunch first. " Donghae nodded, Siwon brought him outside of the room in his arms.

   The momment they've left their room, Eunhyuk entered. He went to the tank where were the fishy and sea-horse swimming, he had a plastic beaker filled with waterin his hands, plus there's an anchovy in it.
He poured the anchovy into the tank, and the anchovy swam around the tank, playing with the fishy and sea-horse, but he just didn't know one-thing. He giggled and ran-out of the room, closing the door behind him.

   After few minutes, Donghae and Siwon have taken-their lunch, they entered their room again, laughing about some jokes, opening the door, Donghae had a water-bottle in his palms and it fell off on the ground when he saw Kyuhyun doing something at Donghae's and Siwon's tank. Kyuhyun's back was facing them and he didn't realize the other two were already in the room, he continued doing something what he was doing. " Yah! Kyuhyun! What you think you're doing?! " Shouted Siwon and he ran towards the maknae. 
Kyuhyun was holding something furry in his hands and it crash on the ground when Siwon slapped it away.

" Hyung! What you think you're doing?! You're going to kill Bugzy! " Maknae hissed, Bugzy was the furry thing Kyuhyun was holding, it was actually a hamster. He kneel down, picking up the hamster, Kyuhyun let his tears fell down through his cheeks.

 Donghae was checking his tank, luckily his fishy and Siwon's sea-horse is fine. " Since when there's a dead anchovy in my tank? Kyu, is the anchovy belongs to you? And don't cry, I'll buy another Bugzy for you. ' Donghae tried to be nice, but not like Siwon. Kyuhyun stopped crying for while and said " it belongs to Eunhyuk-hyung. " He rubbed his eyes, still holding his dead-hamster. " Nae? Anyone called my name? "
A voice came from Eunhyuk who was outside of the room, he entered through the wide-opened door. He went beside the maknae " Kyuhyun, why are you crying? Want me to get you an ice-cream? " He asked in care. Kyuhyun pressed his face againts Eunhyuk's abdomen, bursting his tears on the elder and mummbled " Siwon-hyung killed my Bugzy. " 

" Kyuhyun, stop being so childish, you're freaking grown-up now. And I did not kill your stupid hamster, you drowned it in that tank the momment you got here. " Siwon complained with high tone, kind of scolding the maknae.

" Yah Siwon can't you be any harsh-er? Why don't you come here and beat him up? He's still young, stop treating him like that. " Eunhyuk tried to protect the maknae. " Young, my ass. " Muttered Siwon, Donghae just starred at this stupid argument standing beside the tank, Kyuhyun pulled-his face out and already stopped crying but eyes still red and watery. 

 Siwon was totally pissed, he grabbed the dead-anchovy from the tank that was floating around the upper surface. Donghae backed-off abit. Siwon threw the dead-anchovy with full-force and it landed on the ground beside the other two, the floor was wet somehow, because of the dead anchovy. Siwon said " And I think that belongs to you, Eunhyuk. Why don't you go make Kimchi-stew with it?" He frowned, eyes-giving a laser strike on them.

The maknae took the anchovy and held it in his hands. " Okay, let's make some kimchi-stew. " Kyuhyun said smiling dumbly in Eunhyuk's arms. " Come on Kyuhyun, lets go have fun. We're going to have something better to do rather than being with them. " Eunhyuk cursed, he and Kyuhyun stood up, walking out of the room. Eunhyuk slammed the door in pissed, Kyuhyun was still sad about his hamster but Donghae promised to buy him another one and he was happy to make a kimchi-stew.

Siwon sighed, looking down on the floor. Donghae went and circled his arms around Siwon.

" Wonnie, don't stress yourself. And you were too harsh on them, especially our maknae. But I love the angry-side of you."

" I have no idea, Hae. "

" At least, we still have our--" Donghae's words were muted when he viewed at the tank, his fishy was floating up-side-down. Siwon's sea-horse was sink to the bottom, scales falling-off. Siwon was still calm but Donghae. He pressed his face on Siwon's shoulder, making a grip around-him. Sound of crying had appeared.

" Hae, don't cry, please. At least we still have each other. " Donghae looked into Siwon's eyes.
Siwon gave him a soft-kissed on the lips. It made Donghae fluttered and immediately stop crying. " I love you Wonnie. "

" I love you too. "

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Title: Lollipops!
Author: KyuhaeXD, KyuAwesome
Pairings: Kyuhae, Eunhae starting of the story Kyumin
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Fluff, High Schools
Type: One-Shot
Summary: Donghae gives Kyuhyun his blue-berried lollipop,after a while, Donghae starting to fall for Kyuhyun. But Donghae is going to have a hard time to leave Hyukjae.

WARNINGS: Abit of sexuality for the last few paragraphs. C:

              School time ends, boy name Cho Kyuhyun rushes out through the school gate. " What took you so long? " His friend, Sungmin complains. Kyuhyun just grins as a reply and there's another boy standing beside Sungmin, the boy is Siwon, Kyuhyun's sunbae from the high school. " Come lets go. " Siwon says holding Kyuhyun's and Sungmin's hand. They walk away from the school.


          *****  -AT ANOTHER MOMMENT- *****

 Donghae and Hyukjae is walking by the side of the road, their school uniforms are untuck and their hairs are messy, as they walk they hold hands together while holding lollipops. Hyukjae has a stawberry-flavoured lollipop and Donghae has a blueberry-flavoured lollipop in his hand. " Hae, can I taste your lollipop? " Hyukjae ask cutely, they stop walking and Donghae feeds his lollipop into Hyukjae's mouth. Hyukjae says " Yummy, I wanted this flavour before but you took it first. " Donghae replies " Well too bad! " He chuckles to himself. Hyukjae pouts and Donghae pokes his cheek.

      " Ohmygod! Stop it! " Siwon shouts Sungmin. Sungmin keeps going in circle around Siwon and Kyuhyun laughs innocently whenever Sungmin makes one-circle around Siwon. Out of sudden, Sungmin suddenly stop from what he was doing. Kyuhyun and Sungmin clutch on each of Siwon's hand when they see two boys walking towards them. They don't like strangers, especially young strangers who are the same age as them.

        " Ah! Donghae! Hyukjae! " Siwon says in suprise. The two boys are Donghae and Hyukjae, they wave their hands as a greet. Siwon introduces Kyuhyun to the other two, " Kyuhyunnie, this is Donghae and this is Hyukjae. " Siwon points to Donghae then to Hyukjae. " Annyeong, I'm Donghae. " Donghae greets himself and he offers a hand to shake but Kyuhyun hides behind Siwon, gripping his hand. But Sungmin is a shine boy, he loves to make new friends, he goes shake hands with Donghae and Hyukjae.

       Siwon apologizes " Sorry Donghae-yah, he is uncomfortable with new people but I'm sure he will get along with all of you. " Donghae nods cutely. Kyuhyun suddenly pulls the fabric of Siwon's uniform slowly. Siwon squats down and raises his eye brows, Kyuhyun points towards something. He is pointing towards the lollipop that Donghae is holding. " Ohh, we find some shops nearby okay? " Siwon says patting Kyuhyun's head. He nods slowly, then Donghae comes forward to Kyuhyun, Kyuhyun immediately holds a grip on Siwon's hand .

Donghae suddenly grabs Kyuhyun's wrist,  he holds Kyuhyun's hand, feeling the softness of his fingers, he puts his blueberry-flavoured lollipop in Kyuhyun's palms. His heart beats faster when Donghae holds his hand but then he cools down when he has the lollipop in his hand. Donghae let goes of Kyuhyun's hand, Kyuhyun just stares at the lollipop in his hand. He looks at Siwon in blank, two-seconds later, he smiles brightly like a child from heaven. " Kyuhyunnie~ What do you say? " Siwon says while smiling. Kyuhyun faces to Donghae but then he eyes are on the ground, feeling abit of shy.

  " T-t-thank you. " Kyuhyun says while his face turns redish-pink.
  " It's okay, you can ask me for more if you want to. " Donghae replies while smiling.
Hyukjae, who is standing a distance from Donghae, suddenly feels angry. The lollipop Donghae gave to Kyuhyun was the one that Donghae let him to taste it abit.

 *******-AFTER FEW YEARS-********

        Kyuhyun turns out to be 15, Donghae and Hyukjae has become 16, Siwon has gone into a University. He is no longer taking care of Kyuhyun just like he does when Kyuhyun was 10. Sungmin has gone overseas, he needs to follow his dad to live there.

      " Hyung, do you miss Sungmin? " Kyuhyun ask while sitting on the swing at a playground. Donghae replies " I sure do. I hope he's having fun there. "  He stands beside Kyuhyun who is sitting on the swing blankly, day dreaming of something. " Hae! " Someone shouts from far away, Kyuhyun cocks his head when hears that familiar voice. Donghae turns his head around and sees Hyukjae running towards them. Hyukjae grabs another swing that is beside Kyuhyun and sits on it. He spins around here and there on the swing, Kyuhyun feels like he is being disturb.

     " Why are you feeling so down? " Hyukjae ask while kicking Kyuhyun's leg softly. Kyuhyun sighs " I don't know, I just missed Siwon-hyung and Sungmin. " Hyukjae just nods and he stands up, he goes beside Donghae. " Hae, lets go to the cinema, I heard there's a new movie, Toy Story 3. " Donghae keeps looking up in the sky and says " You're still childish as before. " Then he looks at Kyuhyun who is on the swing, looking down on the ground miserablely. " Kyuhyun, want to come along? You like cartoons right. " Donghae offers him to follow. The younger looks back at the other two and replies " Kenchana~ I still have homeworks to do, just leave me here. " Kyuhyun looks so miserable, Donghae goes to him and sighs.

" Kyuhyun, until when you're going to end up like this? If you're going to just sit here and day dreaming stuff. Nothing will happen. " Donghae tries to comfort him, holding Kyuhyun's shoulders softly.

" Okay, I'll go home first and hyung, can I sleep over at your house for tonight? My parents are going on vacation. " Kyuhyun says while looking up at Donghae's face.

" Sure, you can sleep over my house even for 1 year if you want to. " Donghae suddenly tries to make a joke but then actually he really wants Kyuhyun to sleep over at his house for 1 year. Hyukjae just stares at both of them and says " Hae, I think we should go now? ". Donghae turns around " Uh yeah, lets go. Bye Kyuhyun, I'll wait in front of your house after I get back from the cinema okay? " Then he walks off with Hyukjae. Kyuhyun smiles brightly. Actually Donghae and Hyukjae are couples, they have been together since they were 11. They are together in secret, they know Kyuhyun has the feeling towards Donghae, so Donghae never told Kyuhyun that he is with Hyukjae cause he doesn't want to break Kyuhyun's heart.


     " Ohmygod, that movie was fun. I love the green dinosaur. " Hyukjae says in joy. Donghae whines " Hyukkie, you've been saying that for the 10th time.. " Hyukjae just giggles and says " Well it's fun! Anyways, I think you should be going to Kyuhyun's house now. Bye I love you. " Hyukjae kisses Donghae's cheek and walks away from the cinema place. Donghae almost forgotten about that, in his mind was ' Ahh I wanna go home and sleep for the rest of my life. ' He quickly runs to Kyuhyun's place, when he reaches in front of Kyuhyun's gate, he presses the bell that is stuck on the gate. The gate automatically opens wide by itself, Kyuhyun comes out from his house " Oh hyung, you're so early. " Kyyuhyun puts on his shoes. " Early? I thought I was late. " Donghae says while exhausting. Kyuhyun chuckles and says " Okay, lets go. "

      They just walk since Donghae's house is in the same area as Kyuhyun's but a few metres far away. They stop for while, Donghae tries to take out something from his jacket's pocket. Kyuhyun wonders what is he looking for, then Donghae takes out something blue-ish in colour, it is a lollipop. " Here, I bought it at a shop near by here. " Donghae puts the lollipop in Kyuhyun's hand, Kyuhyun takes a look at the lollipop, he starts to day dreaming again. Kyuhyun says " Thanks hyung, you don't really have to burden yourself buying this for me. I remember when the day we met, you gave the exact lollipop like this one. " He starts to remember the memmories of his life. Donghae grins brightly.

       They continue to walk by the side of the street, Donghae leads the front and Kyuhyun follows him from behind slowly. The sun has been cover-up by the clouds, as they walk, suddenly it gets darker. Donghae stops suddenly, Kyuhyun bumps into him from behind. It makes him wake up from his dreamland, they are in a narrow place, which is abit dark. Kyuhyun is scared, he tries to get closer to Donghae, " Hyung, where are we? I don't think this is your place, is it? " He ask in frighten. Suddenly, Kyuhyun feels the strong hold on his nape, Donghae holds Kyuhyun's nape and pulls him into a kiss. His lips on Kyuhyun's pinky lips, Kyuhyun' eyes are wide open. Donghae slips his tongue into Kyuhyun's mouth passionately, holding Kyuhyun by the hips.

      Donghae breaks the kiss between them, hugging Kyuhyun tightly, looking deep into his eyes, Kyuhyun blushes and he tries to look away from Donghae's eyes. In Donghae's mind is ' Omo~ He's the most adorable thing ever! ' and Donghae says " Kyuhyun, look into my eyes. " His voice becomes so matured and romantic. Kyuhyun still refuses to do it, Donghae just continue to confess " Kyuhyun, I love you. I have this feeling towards you when we started high school. I also knew you had the same feelings towards me. " Kyuhyun immediately looks at Donghae and says " Ohmygod! How did you know? I'm so embrassed. And I thought you were with Hyukjae hyung? " Donghae opens his eyes wider " Wait, what?! You knew I'm with hyukkie?! ".

 " Yeah.. I saw both of you kissing behind the school gym, at the cafeteria, in the class, lots of other places and I even saw both of you doin-- " Kyuhyun's words are cut off when Donghae presses his lips with Kyuhyun's again. Donghae breaks the kiss...again.

" Don't say too much, people might hear what you're saying and you're such a stalker. " Donghae says while holding Kyuhyun tighter. Kyuhyun gasps for air, he circles his arms around Donghae's neck.

" Stalker? You did those things in public, hyung. " Kyuhyun gives the stupid look at Donghae. " Plus, is it really okay for us to be together too? Hyukjae-hyung will be heartbroken if he knows about this. And I don't want him to hate me for the rest of my life. " Kyuhyun says in worried.

" Kyuhyun~ It's okay, this is only between us. I will try to talk to him. " Donghae lifts Kyuhyun's chin.

And that particular momment, they continue to kiss until the end.

   **** -AFTER FEW YEARS LATER-**** 

  Kyuhyun and Donghae have enter the same university, Hyukjae decides to be a dancer.

  After Hyukjae's dance class is ended, Donghae meets him outside of the dance place. He sees Hyukjae comes out and they find a place to sit. Hyukjae wonders what is the purpose of Donghae meeting him right now, " Hae, is there anything? Are you sick? " Hyukjae ask without knowing nothing. Donghae looks down at his shoes and says " Hyukkie, I know we've been together for years, I love you alot, so as you do but.. " Donghae stucks for while, Hyukjae is trying to figure out what is actually Donghae trying to tell him. "..but when we started high school...deep in my heart, I-I-i-i... " Hyukjae just stares at Donghae who is stuck with the words, Donghae feels like there is something stuck in his throat making him difficult to let out some words. " I actually....l-l-love, Kyuhyun. " Hyukjae isn't suprise with what Donghae just said but he looks down and says " Yeah, I know Hae, I know you do. " Donghae immediately turns his head to face Hyukjae with a shock face.

" H-h-how did you know? " Donghae ask in confused.
" I know you pretty well, Hae. The way you stare at him, the way you speak with him. I know everything. " Hyukjae replies. 
Donghae still sighs " But still, aren't you mad? Is it okay for me loving him? ". Donghae says while putting a guilty face on.

" Why would I be mad? And it's your choice, your own happiness, if you really love him that much then go ahead. " Hyukjae says with his voiice lower, he smiles brightly but in his heart, he is actually having a hard time trying to fight back the sadness.

" Are you sure? You're not going to hate Kyuhyun, aren't you? " Donghae ask in worry.
" I won't hate him, he's a good boy, he never did anything wrong to me. "

" Hyukkie.. I-I don't know how to... I love you so much! " Donghae hugs and kisses Hyukjae for the last time. Hyukjae opens his eyes wide enough.

" Hyukkie, I never regret for having a boyfriend like you. " Donghae kisses him on the cheek. Hyukjae just grins in happiness.

" Hae, I think you should go now, he must be waiting for you. " Hyukjae replies.

"  Hyukkie.. I know you are actually heartbroken, sad and miserable. If you want to let your tears out, you still have me to let the tears pour on me. Please forgive me Hyukkie. " Donghae ruffles Hyukjae's hair.

" What are you saying? I'm fine. It's okay, just go. " Hyukjae wants Donghae to leave as fast as he could before he will burst into tears, he doesn't want Donghae to waste time for him, he smiles happily which is not real.

" Okay then, I'll leave you here, bye. " Hyukjae just watch as Donghae runs away to meet Kyuhyun. He just sits there for while, until then he realizes tears are falling down from his eyes. He looks up in the sky, head pointing up, preventing the tears to flow down. His eyes are red and watery, full of sadness but Hyukjae is happy for Donghae.

  Donghae is running towards the place he is supppose to meet with Kyuhyun, while he's running step by step, in his heart ' Please forgive me Hyukkie. ' When he reaches the place, he tries to find Kyuhyun. The place is actually a bar, where usually couples would go and get-drunk. Donghae doesn't even know why he chose this place, he doesn't want to get drunk though. He walks into the bar through the door made of glass. He views everything in the bar until he sees Kyuhyun standing, he is about to walk towards Kyuhyun but then what he sees make him stop.

   He does not know if he's seeing the real thing or not, there is another man hugging Kyuhyun out of sudden, that particular man is holding Kyuhyun's ass, even Donghae haven't done that to Kyuhyun. The man is taller, even handsome and pale. Donghae feels his blood rushing through his body, he immediately gets out from the bar. He clentches his fist and leaves the mark of his fist on a wall of bricks, he doesn't care if it hurts, he wants to release his anger.

     ****-FEW HOURS LATER-****

     Kyuhyun comes home to his and Donghae's university dorm. " Hyung, I'm home. " Kyuhyun enters, closing the door behind him. He put his shoes on the shelves. " Hyung, why aren't you at the bar just now? I thought you said you wanted to meet me? But my friend was there so it's okay. Donghae is just sitting on the sofa focusing on the television, ignoring to what Kyuhyun is saying. He is mad with Kyuhyun truely mad just because a man hugged Kyuhyun and touch his ass. At last, Donghae replies " Friend, my ass. " Kyuhyun just stares at Donghae blankly. Donghae stands up from the sofa, turns off the TV and walks to his room. Kyuhyun follows him behind, when Kyuhyun enters the room, Donghae shouts " Get out! You're not sleeping here anymore! Go sleep at the sofa! " Veins from Donghae can be seen, Kyuhyun trembles. 

   " H-hyung, what's wrong? Did I do anything wrong? " Kyuhyun ask while trembling. " Oh, why don't you ask your so called friend what did you do wrong? " Donghae hiss sarcasticly. 

" My friend? You mean the one at the bar? " Kyuhyun ask.

" Oh no no no, the one at your grandma's house. " Donghae replies in sarcasm, making fake smile.

" Why did you hug your particular friend?! And he touched your ass. Shouldn't you be avoiding that from happening? " Donghae continues and this time he is mad with full of jealousy.

" Oh so you were there at the bar, and he was my friend when I was 12. I just met him again. " Kyuhyun replies recklessly.

" How come I never knew him? " Donghae ask again with a suspicious look.

" He got injured in a terrible accident, he had to stay in the hospital for 1 year and a half. Hyung, what's wrong with you? ".

" What's wrong? He hugged you and touched your ass! It looks like more than a hug! " Donghae shouts.

" Hyung, are you jealous? " Kyuhyun ask while smiling like an idiotic.

" No, I'm not jealous... It just that you can't hug another man when you already have your man here!" Donghae tries to proove that he is not jealous but fails.

" Oh you are hyung, come on he is just my friend that I haven't meet for years. "

" You little brat..just shut up. " Donghae pulls Kyuhyun and hugs him closer. He wraps his arms around Kyuhyun, locking him so Kyuhyun wouldn't move. This time, it is Donghae's turn to touch Kyuhyun's ass and he does it. " Starting from now, you can't hug any men besides me and you can't let them touch you. If this two things happen and if i see it with my eyes, I'll swear I'll rape you to death. " Donghae says ghosting his warmth breathe over Kyuhyun's neck. He tighten his grip around Kyuhyun and Kyuhyun nods as a -yes- .

   That particular night, Donghae and Kyuhyun sit on the sofa, watching movies. Kyuhyun is sitting on Donghae's muscled laps, resting his back againts Donghae's body. Donghae's arms surround Kyuhyun's body, playing with Kyuhyun's lips both of them are cover with thick blanket, enjoying the movie they are watching. " Hyung, next time, can you give me different flavoured-lollipops? I had enough with blueberries. " Kyuhyun says out of sudden. Donghae replies " Okay, but under two condition. " He smiles evilly, Kyuhyun just stares with his blankness. " First, everytime if you want to change the flavours, you have to kiss me. Second, lets do it for tonight just once for while. " Donghae's voice turns soft and sounds dirty. Kyuhyun says facing to Donghae " The I agreed with the kissy thing but hell no I'm going to do it with you right now! I'm not ready! So forget about it, I'm just going to stick with blueberries. " Kyuhyun makes his stupid look again.

    " Come on Kyu, I know you want to. Just once. " Donghae says passionately, being so horny, tracing his fingers on Kyuhyun's soft cheeks. Kyuhyun refuses and accidenly press his ass againts Donghae's pelvic part. It has becoming a tease to Donghae, he holds Kyuhyun tighter and starts to trace his tongue at Kyuhyun's neck. Kyuhyun moans " Hyung! I said no!! ".

*****-THE END FOR THIS ONE-*****

A/N: Ohmygod, I spend 4 hours writing this, I hope you all will read and comment. It is just a one-shot. C:
         It is abit long. :D I hope you all can understand my fiction with ease.

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Hyung, I want milk

 Title: Hyung, I want milk.
 Author: Kyuawesome/ KyuhaeXD
 Pairings: Kyuhae
 Rating: PG-13 ( As always )
 Genre: Drabbles? ( I think so? ) Cuteness
 Summary: When Super Junior got back from Golden Disk Award 2010, something stupid happened in their                             dorms.
 My notes: WARNING! Contains abit of beginning of sexuality.  

                         Super Junior, Soshi and other grouped artist attended the Golden Disk Award 2010. Sadly, Super Junior didn't win the award, Soshi did. Whole member of Super Junior including their managers, crew members were all sad and feeling depressed but their fans still supported them plus other grouped artist tried to comfort them. On the way to their dorms, all of them were quiet and feeling down, it was really silent in the car until their manager said " It's okay, you all did the best, alll of us did the best including your fans. " All of them just nodded slowly as a responsed.

                         Back in the dorm, each of them, went to their own rooms, dragging their feets. Donghae just got into the dorm, since he had to carry all the stuff for everyone. After he was done, he went to the kitchen to get some drinks, when he was on his way back to his room, he heard the leader, Leetuek crying hardly in the bathroom. Donghae could'nt do anything about it, he just walked away, then he saw Yesung sobbing " Ddangkongmaaa~ We didn't win..t-t-the award!! " He sobbed really hard to his tortoise, as Donghae just walked he saw Eunhyuk crying too in his room, then he walked away again he saw Sungmin, Ryeowook and Siwon all crying in one room. Again and again, Donghae saw most of the members crying, sobbing in their own rooms, Donghae doesn't like seeing people crying, it just going to make him cry too. 

                          So in the end, he ran speedy to his room. He shut the door closed, he leaned his back to the door, sighing then he saw Kyuhyun on his bed. Kyuhyun had brought both of his knees to his face, he was crying too. Donghae wanted to get out from there but he loves Kyuhyun so much, since Kyuhyun is the maknae, so he went and sit beside the younger. " Kyuhyun~ Why are you so sad? Just now at the award, you weren''t crying, you were normal, as if like a coldhearted person and now I see you crying in your knees on my bed. This is not my Kyuhyun I know, you are suppose to be brave. Crying is not going to solve anything. " Donghae said trying to comfort him while running his fingers through Kyuhyun's hair. Kyuhyun replied while sobbing " I-I-I-i I was pretending to be normal and coldhearted at the award, I don't want fans to see me crying miserablely. And how about hyung? Don't you feel sad? And you're right, crying will not solve anything. " Kyuhyun rubbed his eyes and his eyes were red and watery since alot of tears really fell down. 

                          " Oh you can still pretend at the award? You can act! " Donghae tried to make a joke then he continued " I am sad too Kyuhyun, but it doesn't matter, we already won alots of awards. Be strong and it doesn't mean if we do not win this award, there's no longer Super Junior. We are always together, okay? " Donghae circled his arms around Kyuhyun's waist. He gave a peck on Kyuhyun's cheek then to the lips.  And then Kyuhyun said " Hyung, I'm thirsty. " He made the cute eyes staring at Donghae, most of the hyungs especially Donghae can never resist Kyuhyun's cuteness. Donghae chuckled and replied " Okay okay, I'll go get you a drink. " Kyuhyun smiled happily then rolling on Donghae's bed. Donghae went to the kitchen again.

 Few minutes passed, Donghae entered his room again, he had a tray in his hands. There were drinks, snacks and Ramyun's ( Ramen ) on the tray. Kyuhyun complained " Hyung, I said I only want drinks, it's not good to eat something like these in the middle of the night. " Donghae said "  Nevermind, just drink this, I'll eat all the snacks. " Kyuhyun whined again " And... I don't want coke, it's not good for my throat. Get me something good to drink and good for my throat. " Donghae didn't care if Kyuhyun complained, he loves Kyuhyun no matter what. He went back to the kitchen to get something Kyuhyun would love to drink.

Few seconds passed, Donghae entered his room and handed in a bottle of alchohol to Kyuhyun. " Hyung..... I know I like to drink alchohols, but do you really think this is good for my throat and why would I get drunk before going to sleep? " Kyuhyun complained while making a glare. Donghae said with his voice becoming so passionate " Well, I love it when you get drunk. " He touched Kyuhyun's cheek with his fingers then smirked. Donghae had the feeling, he wanted to do it with Kyuhyun.

" Hyung! There's no time to do this! I'm tired. " Kyuhyun slapped Donghae's hand away from his face and continued " I want milk, a hot one. " 

     " Yah! Who do you think I am? Doing this and that for you. Next time don't ask me to do any stuff! " The older shouted at Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun looked down, holding his fingers together and said " Sorry hyung, I thought you always give me milk every night before going to sleep. But nevermind, I'll go get it myself. " Kyuhyun's voice was lowered and soft, he didn't like if his hyungs were mad at him. His face was nearly about to cry but why would he cry for something like that? The younger stood up and walked passed by Donghae to get to the door. Donghae didn't know what was he thinking, he felt wrong for shouting at Kyuhyun,, he didn't mean to do it. He turned around and ran to the younger. Kyuhyun was about to pull the doorknob until then he felt the tighten gripped by Donghae around his waist. " Don't go, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to shout at you. And there's no milk though downstairs. I've forgot to buy. I'll promise to buy tomorrow. " Donghae said with his voice ghosting over Kyuhyun's neck. " But I want milk. " The younger said with a pout. Donghae can never resist Kyuhyun's pouts plus with his cuteness, sexyness. 

     Donghae said " I know exactly what to do, I have something good for your throat. " He felt high out of sudden. Kyuhyun was blank, he didn't know what was the older thinking. Suddenly, Donghae pushed Kyuhyun to the bed, he crawled over Kyuhyun's body. Kyuhyun hissed " Hyung! What are you tryin...?! " Donghae  cut off his words by pressing his pinky lips onto Kyuhyun's. Donghae pulled down his flyer zip, he stood up for while from the bed, tossed his pants over somewhere. He only wore a boxers and  crawled back over the younger, who was lying on the bed. Donghae was sitting on Kyuhyun, his ass was on Kyuhyun' chest. The younger felt abit difficult to breath. " You want something good for your throat. Then, have this Kyuhyun. " His voice was becoming so horny and it sounded dirty. He pointed to something under his boxers.  

    And so, that particular night, everyone was feeling down, it was already quiet. Whole Super Junior members were already sleeping but except for the other two who were having fun with each other in one room. The moan, groaning and screaming from Kyuhyun can be heard by the other members. " Hyung, you were too much. It hurts. " The younger complained while putting on his pants and clothes. Donghae replied " What? Don't you like it? You were too sexy for me, that's why. " Kyuhyun just stared. Both of them just lied in. 

      Donghae pulled the thick blanket and covered himself and Kyuhyun. Then Kyuhyun said " But still hyung, I want milk. Promise me okay? ". " Oh shut up and go to sleep. " Donghae hissed and then hugged Kyuhyun's whole body. Kyuhyun felt comfortable and he said his last words " Pffft.. Okay I love you hyung. Good night~ " The younger's head was under Donghae's chin. " I love you too. Now go to sleep and stop playing that. " The older replied and seized the PSP from Kyuhyun's hand and put it somewhere else. Kyuhyun looked away from the older. Donghae hugged him more tightly and kissed his forehead.

A/N : I hope you all read and comment. This is just a short fiction. C:

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Life is fun babeyh part 4

 Title: Life is fun babeyh
 Author: KyuhaeXD
 Rating: PG-13
 Pairing: Kyuhae, Minho and Taemin
 Genre: Kids, underage romance. Any
 Disclaimer: It is all my ideas up to now, but some of it are from dramas and series. C:
 Summary: Kyuhyun goes for a recess with his friends and meets his sunbae's again. That's all I can say.

                     Kyuhyun immediately backs off his stool or chair from the table. Kyuhyun giggles " Errr hey, my name is Kyuhyun. " Kyuhyun gives a cute grin and offers a hand to shake. The boy grab Kyuhyun's hand firmly and shakes while replying " Ahhhh, my name is Heechul and I look pretty, right? " His voice turns soft and truely sounds like a girl with his eyes blinking like shining stars. Kyuhyun straight forward replies with a high tone " No! Boys are not pretty but boys are cool and awesome. " " Oh well, maybe I'm the only boy who looks pretty in the whole universe! " said Heechul. Kyuhyun just give Heechul a weird look and a sudden girl who sits beside Kyuhyun comments " Ohmygod Heechul, you're going to disgust everyone including this new boy here. " 

                    Heechul brags " Oh you're just jealous with my prettyness and sexyness. " Kyuhyun  tries to stay a distance away from him. Then Siwon suddenly interupts " Please, I'm the sexy one here. So don't you dare call yourself sexy. " The girl complains " Ohmygod, not another one. " Kyuhyun starts a conversation with the girl besides him " Hey I'm Kyuhyun, you are? " The girl turns her head around and replies "Oh, I'm Yuri. Nice to meet you. " Kyuhyun still hasn't notice anyhing about her, he repeats her name out of sudden " Yuri? Yuuuri? Yuuurrrri? Oh Yuri! You're the one with Seohyun and the other noona's, am I right? " Kyuhyun ask in excitement. Yuri chuckles to herself and says " Finally... I've been waiting for you to say something but you're just sitting here like... yeah. " 

                   Kyuhyun says " Sorry, I didn't recognize you. And do you expect me to remember everyone's face on the first day? " Kyuhyun gives her that kind of look ' ==' . As they talk and talk while the other students are talking, having few conversations on the first day, the teacher shouts " Class! Are you paying attention?! " Whole class replies " Yes songsaengnim~ (teacher)" But actually whole class doesn't even know what is the old woman babbling about. Few minutes later, the school bell rings loudly, it means it's time for the students, teachers and other school workers to take a break. The teacher stands up and says " Well class, please enjoy your break and after the break, the next subject teacher will come in. " And the momment the teacher walks out from the classroom, the classroom is going to start WORLD WAR III. Most of the students start to run out from the classroom to go to the cafeteria. They are hungry kids.

                 " Come on Sungmin! Let's go eat! " Hyukjae tries to force Sungmin to get up from his seat. But Sungmin is pressing his face againts the table and refuses to get up even if it takes 3 years, he's still going to stay like that forever. Then Donghae says in sigh " Nevermind, sleep tight we'll go eat first after that we'll come back to class. " Sungmin just shake his arms as the sign for "okay", when Donghae and Hyukjae are about to walk out from the classroom, someone comes in and screams " YAH YAH YAH! Hurry up! I am so hungry! " Hyukjae says " Godd, be passionate Yesung hyung, let's go now. "

                  " You can't catch me! " Kyuhyun teases Hara who is nearly exhausting trying to catch Kyuhyun. Hara is his classmate too, he met her before going out from the classroom and now they are already playing tag. " Kibum! Try to catch me! " Kyuhyun teases Kibum who is sitting near the sandbox with Minho, Taemin, Siwon and Heechul who is busy creating a scalpture of himself using sand. Kibum replies " No Kyuhyun, I don't want to get involve in troubles anymore! " Kyuhyun makes his hamster face " Awww, please~ Come and catch me BumBum! Bummie~ " And it turns out to be more teasing on Kibum. Kibum immediately look at Kyuhyun when he called him " BumBum " . Kibum sizes " You little... !!! You think you are the best in running is it? " He opens a big step and starts chasing after Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun laughs and giggles while running away from Kibum.

                   Kibum has been trying to chase after Kyuhyun for 10 minutes and it is still a failure while Kyuhyun is relaxing running here and there, others are just sitting on the grass watching both of them playing . Break is almost over, the sun has been cover up by the clouds, Kibum is exhausting and says " Kk-k-kyuhyun, just stop running already, I'm tired and break is almost over. Let's go back to class. " Kyuhyun stops and pick up his canned-drinks from the ground and walks together with Kibum and the rest. When they are about to leave to go to their class, someone shouts from far " Kyuhyun~ !!! " It was Donghae and he waves his hand as a signal for Kyuhyun to come to him.

                   Hyukjae complains " Why are you calling that brat?! " And Kyuhyun is in his way towards them. Yesung starts " Hey! You're Kyuhyun? I'm Yesung! " Kyuhyun bows and says " Hey Yesung hyung, nae (yes) I'm Kyuhyun, nice to meet you. " Kyuhyun smiles brightly when his eyes are on Donghae and Yesung but when his eyes are on Hyukjae, he strikes a hateness glare on him. Hyukjae screeches " Stop acting so nice you brat. " He holds a grip on Kyuhyun's shoulder. Donghae pokes Hyukjae asking him to stop what is he doing to Kyuhyun. As the wind is blowing softly, Donghae gives a compliment " Wow, first day of school and you already have alot of friends." Donghae sees few of Kyuhyun's friend from far. " I heard you got into trouble and got a punishment, are you okay? " He ask Kyuhyun nicely while bending down.

                    " Of course I'm okay. " says Kyuhyun and smiles as he is asking Kibum and the rest to come towards him. Kibum just simply walks to Kyuhyun , same goes to the rest. Then Donghae notices someone familiar to him, he immediately says " Ah! Minho! " Kyuhyun is literally blank on his mind and he ask stupidly " Minho, you know Donghae-hyung? " Minho smiles in happiness and replies " Yeah,c I've been schooling here with Donghae-hyung since I was 8. " Suddenly Donghae holds Minho's hand, feeling the softness of it, Kyuhyun just stare and he feels the 0.1% of jealousy in his heart . He doesn't want to see both of them continue like that, so he starts " Uh! It's time for class! We should go now! Bye Donghae hyung! Bye Yesung hyung! Bye hyukjae...." His voice cracks up when saying Hyukjae's name. Donghae,Yesung and Hyukjae watch them as they walk back to their class. Yesung ask sarcasticly " I think we should go too? " Others just nod.


                     All the students are rushing through the school gate wanting to go home since school has ended. " Kyuhyun, you know it's time to go home. " Says Hara in sigh. Hara and Yuri including Seohyun are waiting for Kyuhyun in the classroom, the others are waiting outside. Kyuhyun is busy doing his homework, it's a Mathematic homework, he complains " Why do we need homework on the first day of school? I hate homeworks especially when it comes to Mathematic. " Seohyun tries to comfort him by saying " Kyuhyun, you have everyone here, we all can help you. The reason why teacher gave you a homework on the first day is just to test how good you are, so you need to proove your teacher that you are good in Maths. " Seohyun smiles innocently and Kyuhyun says " But I'm no good in Mathematics. "  " Kyuhyun! We will help you! So let's go home! " Yuri shouts while putting all Kyuhyun's school stuff in his bagpack. Kyuhyun tucks in his chair into the table and walk out.

                   " We've been waiting you know that? " Kibum says while looking at the ceiling and Kyuhyun apologizes " Sorry. " Minho innocently says " It's okay, there is still much time. " Kyuhyun is blank out of sudden and ask " Much time? Are we going somewhere or what? " " Duhh, we're going to get frosty yoghurts. That's what Minho told me, am I right? " Kibum replies and Minho nods. " Is it going to be okay? Aren't we too young to go somewhere without any adults? " Kyuhyun ask again.  " GOD Kyuhyun! Stop asking so many question! The yoghurt shop is like near to our school. And usually teachers and students would go there after school. " Kibum shouts in Kyuhyun's ears. All of them are in silence and Minho starts " Well then, let's go! " Kyuhyun says " Since when you become so hyper. " Seohyun replies " Minho is always hyper about yoghurts. "  Kyuhyun makes a weird face  ' O.O ' .

                    They arrive in front of the yoghurt shop, there are few words hanging around the shop, it says                   -TUTTI FRUTTI- . " Oh, it is near to the school it's like just beside our school field. " Kyuhyun says in excitement, then he continues his words " But... " he wants to say something but he is stuck for while then Kibum screeches " But?! Kyuhyun! You've been talking and asking alots of stuff from the way we were walking from the school until we got here! " Kibum's face turns red and Siwon tries to calm him down. Kyuhyun continues again " But I don't have money. " He puts a guilty face and Minho put his hand on Kyuhyun's right shoulder and says " Kyuhyun, don't worry about it, I will pay for everything. " Kyuhyun looks at Minho with a shocked face and shouts with a low tone " really?! Ohmygod, I'll promise I will pay back for your kindness. " He hugs Minho tightly until then Taemin hits Kyuhyun's butt to ask him to stop hugging Minho. Minho says " It's okay you don't need to pay back. "

                     Kyuhyun smiles happily and brightly, all of them enter the shop. Kyuhyun finds a spot for them to sit near the glass window where they can view such a beautiful scenery.  They walk to the spot and sit on the chair for each of them while Minho, Taemin, Kibum, Yuri and Heechul are ordering the frosty yoghurts but actually it is self-service so they are getting it by themselves. Kyuhyun, Siwon, Seohyun and Hara  are sitting at the table, Kyuhyun looks around him here and there, he finds alots of students and teachers from his school sitting and chit-chatting at each different tables. Siwon playing with the tissue box, Seohyun and Hara are looking at the promotion card that is on their table. Kyuhyun says "Eh?" in sudden, he sees Donghae, Sungmin, Hyukjae sitting. Hara and the rest raise their eye brows, Kyuhyun says " Be right back. " He gets off from his seat and walks towards where Donghae and the rest sittting . Donghae is talking to Sungmin and Hyukjae but then he immediately stops when he sees Kyuhyun. " Hey hyung. " Kyuhyun greets with an innocent smile, Donghae says " Ah Kyuhyun! What are you doing here? Come sit here. " Donghae offers a seat that is empty beside him while Sungmin and Hyukjae is sitting across the table. Hyukjae starts to feel annoyed again whenever he meets Kyuhyun. " Me and my friends planned to have some frrrroooOoszzty yogghurrrtszz after school. " Kyuhyun replies with a smile and he tries to say  'frosty yoghurts' in English but fails. Donghae chuckles and says " You're so adorable. " Hyukjae rolls his eyes.

                     " Where's Kyuhyun? " Minho ask while bringing few cups of yoghurts in a metal tray. Seohyun points to where Kyuhyun is sitting. Seohyun ask " Should I call him? " Minho replies " Uh, okay. " Seohyun gets up and walks away. " Uh, annyeonghaseyo, I just want to call for Kyuhyun. " Seohyun greets properly while both of her hands lock together. Kyuhyun replies " Oh okay, I'll be there in few seconds. " Seohyun nods and walks back to her table. Kyuhyun ask " Hyung, do you want to join us? There are still few empy seats for everyone. " Kyuhyun smiles like an adorable puppy. " Oh okay, you're such a kind boy Kyuhyun. " Donghae gives a compliment. Hyukjae immediately shows his schock face since he doesn't want to sit with Kyuhyun but he has to do so. Sungmin agrees with whatever it is and he is attracted with Kyuhyun's cuteness. 

                       Kyuhyun brings Donghae and the rest to where he is suppose to sit with his friends. " Is it okay if Donghae-hyung and his friends join us? " Kyuhyun ask Minho. Minho replies " Why are you asking me? They are our sunbae's we have to respect them. " Minho smiles brightly. Donghae turns to Sungmin and says " They are nice kids aren't they? " Sungmin nods with a smile. They are all sitting together in one-long table and they're having fun with each other. " It melts in my mouth! So tasty! " Kyuhyun says and he scoops the yoghurt faster using a mini plasic spoon. Everyone laughs because of Kyuhyun's sillyness, he had yoghurt all over his mouth area. Donghae grabs some tissues and wipe them until Kyuhyun's mouth is clean, everyone just stare at both of them like a lovebirds but in Heechul's mind, they are like brothers. Kyuhyun suddenly tries to say something " It's a miracle, I never had fun like this before with my friends and I never had friends. Today is only the first day of school and I just met all of you including my sunbae's and I am already having fun with everyone. Thanks. " Kyuhyun smiles with full of happiness  in his heart. Everyone feels touch with what Kyuhyun just said including Hyukjae, even he really hates Kyuhyun that much.


                      " Annyeong! I'm home! " Kyuhyun greets while arranging his shoes properly. His mom quickly run to the door entrance and says " Ohmygod! Kyuhyun! Where have you been? I was worried. School ends at 2:30 p.m and now it's 3:30 p.m . " His mom's face looks really worried and it shows that how much she loves Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun replies " Calm down Umma ( mom ), I went to the frosty yoghurt shop with my friends. It was fun and I also met my sunbae's. " His mom says " You already have friends on the first day of school? I am so proud of you. Next time, bring them along okay? " Kyuhyun nods innocently. His brother, Jinki, interupts " Friends? Sunbae's? Make sure you need to be aware of your friends, they might look innocent in front of your eyes. And how come you get friends so fast? " Kyuhyun says while pulling out his socks " They are kind, hyung , they treat me nicely and they even brought me to the yoghurt shop and that is why I am awesome. " Kyuhyun run upstairs. Jinki gives a look of pissed.

                       Kyuhyun loosen his tie, takes off his trouser, his school uniform and everything. Then, he runs cutely to the bathroom and he deeps himself in the tub fill with hot water. His whole body is deep into the hot water, his head is sticking out and he had a rubber duckling floating around his tub. While he is cleaning his body, he thinks about what he had done in school today.

A/N : OHMYGOD! I hope everyone read this and comment. Please complain anything you like whether it sucks or anything. My fiction is not really that imagery, I just hope all of you can imagine something like this C: 


Life is fun babeyh (3/?)

 Title: Life is fun babeyh (3/?)
 Author: KyuhaeXD
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Kyuhae, YeWook, Minho and Taemin
Genre: Kids, underage romance C:
Disclaimer: I am trying to read novels literally eventhough I really have no interest in novels, but everything was                           my own idea or a bit of the ideas are from dramas and stories.
Summary: Kyuhyun and his friends have started to enter the class , after the class they will go play outside,                               playing tag with each other until someone got hurt.... Life just continues..... C:

                     Sky is still bright, sun is still shining like a one big star and Kyuhyun with Kibum and Siwon are still running along the school corridors, trying to find their classes which they don't even know where it is and they don't have the initiative to ask any teachers or someone. Then suddenly they are getting slower and slower until Kibum chucks himself on the ground and says " Can we like stop for a while? I'm so exhausted. " Kibum inhales and exhales with sounds of air entering in and out through his nostrils. Kyuhyun just bent his knees  120 degrees and put his hands on both of his knees while his butt is resting on the wall. 

                      After few minutes, Kibum starts to screech " It's all your fault! That I'm not in the class right now! If I get caught by the teachers and my mom knows about it, I am so dead! You're the one who made me got into troubles since this morning! " Then Kyuhyun just keep quiet and stare at him until Kyuhyun says " Well it's still morning now, well this is going to be in your history  and come on let's find our class. " He gives a cute smile and offers Kibum a hand. Kibum makes sound " Pffftttt... ".

                      In that particular momment, they nearly ignore Siwon who is just staring at both of them scuffling with each other. Siwon is wanting to speak up but then suddenly Kibum covers his mouth, asking him to keep quiet? They see 2 black figures holding hand coming from another corner of a corridor, both of the figures are boys just like them but one of them is a abit short. Kyuhyun's heartbeat is beating faster and faster as the 2 figures of boys approaching towards them. But until Kyuhyun sees both of the figures appear from the shadow of  the corner, Kyuhyun relaxes himself since the 2 figures are actually normal boys just like them but one of them is really cute.

                   So one of the strange boys introduce himself " Annyeong (hello), my name is Choi Minho and this little one here is Taemin. " He smiles innocently at Kuhyun but the little one named Taemin suddenly hugs Minho's thigh because he is scared of Kyuhyun as if like there is a ghost besides Kyuhyun. He stares at the little one suspiciously and then he replies Minho "  Oh , my name is Cho Kyuhyun and this is Kibum, that one is Siwon. " Kibum looks somewhere else and Siwon is busy with his broken fingernails. Kyuhyun then ask Minho " Where are you heading to anyway? " Minho answers " I'm accompanying Taemin to his classroom since he is new in this school, then I'm heading to my classroom. "

                    Kibum quickly ask " Can you help us find our classroom? " Kibum smiles showing his teeth on. The other boy replies " Well, if you all are 11 then follow me and what is the name of the class? " Kyuhyun answers " Yeah I think all of us here are 11 years old, and my class is 11 - Earthworms. " Minho smiles with a schock face and says " Oh! Same as me! What a coincidence. " Kyuhyun smiles as a respond. So, they all walk together heading to their respective classroom and while they are walking, they are actually having their own trip around the school. Minho checks his watch and the time right now is 8:30 p.m , then he shouts " Ohmygod! We're late! Hurry up! " They must be really late on their first day of school. And so, they arrive at Taemin's classroom, Minho gives him an advice " Okay go now, I'll see you later when the school bell rings for the school break, okay? And make sure listen to teacher's instructions and do not be naughty. If you behave well, we're going to get frosty yoghurts. " Taemin smiles and enters his classroom. 

                    Kyuhyun purposely ask " Wow you really want him to be a good boy, who is he? Your brother? " Minho blinks and replies " Ahhh, it's my responsibility to take care of him so he will behave well and he's not my brother, his father has passed away and his mother was really depressed so she ran away from home. My parents decided to take care of him until we find his mother back. " Kyuhyun feels touch when he heard that as the same goes to Siwon who is nearly crying just because of a sad short story. Minho starts his words " Well then our classes are just right across from this class. " He points out. " That's awsome! Come on! " Kyhuyun shouts in excitement and grab Minho's hand to their class. Kibum and Siwon follow them from the back. As they enter the classroom with a knock on the door, Minho immediately apologizes and bows down 45 degrees " We are very sorry songsaengnim(teacher) that we are late, we'll promise we will never do it again. " Kyuhyun and the rest follow Minho bows down.

                   The teacher chuckles to herself and most of the kids in the classroom laugh at them. Kyuhyun feels like an imbecile in front of everyone. The teacher tries to be serious now and says " You kids are so funny! Class was just about to start, go find your own seats and before that please introduce yourself to the class. " Minho goes stand in front of everyone and speaks " Annyeong, good morning everyone, my name is Choi Minho. " Minho uses one english phrase to attract people's attention. Then Kyuhyun introduce himself " Hello my name is Cho Kyuhyun and I'm here to make friends. " He gives everyone his cute smile until that teacher notices something so she speaks up " Cho Kyuhyun, weren't you the one who got into the trouble this early morning? " Suddenly Kyuhyun finds swallowing difficulty and he replies " ummmmmm...... yesh.. " The teacher gives him a glare and says " Well then, you're in my class now so I will make sure you will not causing any troubles to any other student. " Kyuhyun just nods and finds a seat. When Kibum and Siwon has done with their introduction, the teacher gets up and says " As you all know, I am Miss Lilian and I'm your homeroom teacher plus I will be teaching Mathematics for the whole school. " And so as the teacher continues to talk, the person who sits besides Kyuhyun suddenly is trying to speak up to Kyuhyun by saying " H-h-h-E-ee-e-yyy... " 


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